Looking for Sleeve Buddy

I am 3 weeks post sleeve and mostly feeling good. But i have good days and bad days. Im assuming others ...

12 hours 1 aex724

2017 September Surgeries

Had mine on the 8th. I've lost a total of 35 pounds since I started my weight loss journey. Since surgery ...

2 days 19 liz

Hital Hernia

I had my hiatal hernia fixed at the same time as my bypass was done.

3 days 3 Janet

2017 September Surgeries

I had mine on the 8 th.

4 days 19 Jersey Girl

2017 September Surgeries

My surgery is September 26th looking for my sleeve brother or sister... I’m over this liquid diet 6 more days

4 days 19 Val

3rd week after surgery

I am 18 days post sleeve and have only lost 12lbs. I lost 15lbs in the 2 weeks prior to my surgery, ...

5 days 34 aex724

Hital Hernia

?? I have a hital hernia that will be taken care of at the same time as my gastric sleeve.

8 days 3 MikeD

2017 September Surgeries

I'm having surgery September 15th!!!!!

10 days 19 Tdills

2017 August Surgeries

Mine was 8/29/17 this was a revision, I was originally a lap bander and went from 350 to 185, maintaining for over 5 years ...

11 days 34 Mastiffmom

Weight gain after surgery - pouch reset

I'm so grateful to read that there are others who have done what I did... I was 300, lost 130, then gained 50 ...

11 days 23 Simply Nana

Need advise 3 urs after sleeve

Be careful with those meds for depression they may make u gain weight. It happened to me

12 days 3 candysleeve

Protein shake recommendation

It took my awhile of trying them but I finally found one I really like.

12 days 7 Joe

Protein shake recommendation

Having tried a few different ones myself, I now only drink Unjury. I LOVE their classics chocolate and it's all ...

12 days 7 Joe

Did you get dumping syndrome?

Rice pudding! Yikes. Won't eat that again!

12 days 4 katemac127

2017 August Surgeries

Had surgery August 2 and am down 30 pounds...tired, but pleased with progress. Forty pounds to goal.

12 days 34 katemac127