How important is to have Protein Shake?

I am at the 7th week of my Surgery...I don't like to have Protein Shake (Isopure Zero Carb) How ...

10 minutes 2 Shanky

Sleeve with gallstone


1 day 4 Tinka

Protein powder allergy

it's not an allergy to the protein it's to the base of the type of the protein!!!! Are you lactose ...

1 day 3 timeforme

How long did it take to lose weight?

I had rny 0n 6/13/17 so I'm almost 6 weeks post op and I'm down 38 lbs!!! You have to get your protein ...

1 day 11 timeforme

2017 August Surgeries

Ditto Trish...mine is on 30th August too. I can't wait

2 days 9 McBoobs

2017 August Surgeries

Ditto Trish...mine is on 30th August too. I can't wait

2 days 9 McBoobs

Loose stomach skin

depending on how long each different person has been overweight and carrying your excess weight varies, but the longer you ...

2 days 8 Abstract-R.I

1yr post op questions

I would answer you if I had an answer for you but I am also a bit lost in this ...

2 days 2 Abstract-R.I

Where are we all from?

Florida surgery 9/9/16

3 days 205 Mari

Sleeve with gallstone

Usually as I understand the surgeon that performs your sleeve surgery will do it and remove your gallbladder at the ...

3 days 4 Mari

Sleeve with gallstone

I have a gallstone and the consultant that is taking care of me said I need to lose weight before ...

3 days 4 Ahobbyaweek

Protein calories


3 days 3 Caz.

2017 September Surgeries

well my surgery date is September 20

3 days 2 Kimmy

1 wk post-op from gastric sleeve surgery

Suzanne I am in the exact same place as u! I'm frustrated bec my dr I would not be hungry ...

5 days 5 skinnygirlsoon

2017 July Surgeries

Guys hang in there I'm a week after surgery and 20 lbs down

5 days 13 skinnygirlsoon

2017 July Surgeries

I started the pre-op diet today in preparation for VSG on 7/31. This will be a LONG 2 weeks but so worth ...

5 days 13 Jess

Where are we all from?

Northern Nevada US surgery was on 2/10/14

6 days 205 Elle

Where are we all from?

I am from Cyprus but living in Dubai, UAE. Did my surgery in Turkey on 01/07/2017

7 days 205 Dee


I had an sleeve in 2011, regained all the weight and now I had a bypass on 07/10/17. Im 6 days so far ...

2017 July Surgeries

First, I need to clarify that I live in south america, so seasons are opposite. I have had two surgeries ...

Where are we all from?

Santiago - Chile :)

7 days 205 claudiatroncosou


Nearly 6 weeks after operation and only 10 kg off , which I lost on my first week . After that, 4 weeks without the ...

8 days 10 michelemabele

2017 August Surgeries

Mine is on August 9th. I'm nervous and also excited

8 days 9 Nora