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I'm new I'm one month out my surgery was Sept 22!

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2016 October Surgeries

Hi Transweightist thank you for your comment this journey we are all undertaking is one of the most important decisions ...

2 hours 65 Caz.

Gallbladder gallbladder surgery

My hospital did an echo as part of the pre op for My gastric bypass and found gallstones so they ...

23 hours 4 Transweightist

2016 October Surgeries

Hi Caz I like your posts and positive attitude to succeeding, I'm having gastric bypass on the 7th of November ...

23 hours 65 Transweightist

2016 October Surgeries

Hi MamaPajama I had a bypass on ,7th of October, it's not easy I'm starting to try different foods like ...

1 day 65 Caz.

2016 October Surgeries

I had a bypass. I started eating puree food (4 month old baby food ) from day 2. a week later I was ...

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I didn't hit it the day of surgery, but was happy to have a nice clean vape with high cbd ...

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2016 October Surgeries

Greetings all, I'm from Seattle, WA, USA. I had the RNY on October 10, 2016. I am not interested in eating or ...

1 day 65 MamaPajama

2016 October Surgeries

Hi caz I had to put operation back as dad was rushed into hospital but still following the diet how ...

2 days 65 spike

1st week after surgery

Day 3 post op, shoulder hurts from trap gas. been getting all 60 grams of protein in today as well first day ...

2 days 55 Tiff

2016 September Surgeries

I had mine sept 23rd! BW 200 SW 195 CW 177. I had my first post op yesterday and they said I'm right ...

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2016 September Surgeries

hey everyone! my sleeve was done Sept 14th! BW 331. SW 309. CW 293! coming n off slow but I have had some ...

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hi, often this is because of drinking to little water. try hydrating more. you could also have your physician check ...

3 days 2 Per

2016 November Surgeries

I'm having my surgery on November 25th I'm in Canada also. Nervous, excited and a little scared.

3 days 16 finding me

Gallbladder gallbladder surgery

Oh I have to get min removed it's only working at 15%

3 days 4 Cece

Gallbladder gallbladder surgery

I'm on waiting list for one

4 days 4 sol/Cardiff

Aussie Sleevers

I am from Perth WA I had my surgery July 2016 in Perth and have lost 18 kilos. Just started to have ...

4 days 20 Katie

When does it get easier?

My eyes still think I can eat more, but I end up bringing it up. So reluctant to go out ...

4 days 11 Katie

Numbness in upper right thigh

Hi all. This is actually what they call meralgia parasthetica and it's indeed a nerve being pinched in the groin. ...

4 days 10 Esther

Gallbladder gallbladder surgery

Who has had this issue

4 days 4 Cece

2016 October Surgeries

Hi Spike how are you getting on ?

5 days 65 Caz.

When does it get easier?

i have had two esaphogus surgeries due to not being able to eat or drink and still no luck with ...

5 days 11 3sAcharm

3rd week after surgery

im not getting my proper protein intake because i keep vomiting everyday and its been almost a month since i ...

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2016 September Surgeries

anyone else sept 14th?

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