2017 January Surgeries

10 days in and I'm really having a hard time on the on the liquid diet...

1 hour 54 pinkk

feeling like I failed

Why look at protein carbs look at water drink before and after meal

57 minutes 2 jj_london

feeling like I failed

I'm not losing anymore, I'm starting to gain. Why? Need help please

7 hours 2

2017 January Surgeries

Hi jclo76 I am good had the op in morning today 22 Jan had some pain no drain pipe 6 holes being ...

13 hours 54 jj_london

2017 January Surgeries

rny the 18th. missing food but can't wait until I see the new me. wishing it was June already.

1 day 54

2017 February Surgeries

hey Neel. .it is scary hey..I had an endoscopy the other feel slightly more chilled out now ...

1 day 17 nycxxx

2017 January Surgeries

JJ_london. Don't panic it isn't as bad as you imagine. Expect lots of sleep, nurses, drips and blood pressure. ...

1 day 54 jclo76

2017 January Surgeries

Just had my surgery on the19 all went amazingly well! still here but going home tomorrow best of luck to ...

1 day 54

2017 January Surgeries

Yes jclo 76 I am going tomorrow for the op second in the list today is harsh no good at all ...

2 days 54 jj_london

Due surgery soon

What has been the hardest adjustment post surgery?

2 days 1 Ames

2017 January Surgeries

How we all doing? Are we all coping? I'm bruised and sore. Have no appetite but on the mend now... ...

2 days 54 jclo76

Weight loss

Thank you rocky for the response. I drink 60oz a day so I know I'm hydrated. I need to eat ...

3 days 3 New Me

2017 February Surgeries

Feb first london nervous

3 days 17 neel

Not losing weight

2009 had surgery lost 120 gained back 70 need help to restart weight loss

3 days 29 gram

Weight loss

I'm 42 days post op gastric bypass. I've too lost about 30lbs. At first it was a little frustrating for me ...

3 days 3 rocky

Hair Loss

what is the full name for ogx shampoo never heard of it. or is ogx the actual name? and where ...

3 days 15

Nordbariatric in Lithuana

I had my gastric bypass November 7th 2016 and I have lost 4 stone 2pounds. I feel great. My blood pressure is ...

3 days 53 blondiedebs